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Affordable roadside assist plans for you too choose from with great cover, its assist when you need it most.

Self Manage Private Roadside Assist Plans: $12.95 per year

Self Managed Assist Business Plans From As Little As $2.00 per year

Standard Roadside Assist $55.00 per year

Premium Roadside Assist RRP: $119.00 per year

Not A Member? Get Immediate Cover – (No Joining Fee Required)

Not a member & need assistance right now? No need to worry, get immediate cover we are only a phone call away.

Promotions For Savings Year After Year: 

Lock in your promotion and only pay the promotion price year after year and any additional motorcycles or vehicles you want to include using the promotion code each time. 

Essentials 50+Your Reward – 1 Year Premium Roadside Assist for Motorcycles & Vehicles Only $74.50 Per Year.  Promotion Code: Aus24750sEssentials1

Conditions Apply: You must be fifty years of age and over see premium assist for more information.

Australia’s Specialist In Motorcycle and Vehicle Roadside Assistance, including Risk Management.

New Vehicle Manufacturers/Business Vehicles/Fleet: Our managed Roadside Assistance plans may vary from as little as $2.00 per motorcycle or vehicle registered for the term of the warranty period from 2 years through to 7 years, contact us to find out more.

Motorcycle & Vehicle Accidents & Recovery Assist 24/7 365 Days: Have total peace of mind knowing we can assist you in organising accident related recovery even if you’re not a member. This service will be at the members or customers expense and payable upon request of service & can be claimed against your comprehensive insurance policy. Charges for towing, recovery and storage of motorcycles are set with the Department of Fair Trading, and pricing is in accordance to each states legislation across Australia.

Our team of experienced call center staff as well as our Emergency Roadside Assistance service teams across Australia (including Tasmania) can resolve issues quickly 24/7 365 days per week, to give you total peace of mind its assistance when you need it most.

Australian 24/7 Roadside Services is a trusted Australian company providing high levels of Roadside Assistance to major Insurance companies and organization’s across Australia. We can tailor and assist you with just about anything you or your business require, we’re here for you.

We are your one stop call center in other areas of business too, not just Roadside Assistance, we can manage extended warranty, manufactures warrant, business and fleet customer assistance service we can just about do anything you or your business requires.

We pride ourselves on giving you great customer support and exceptional customer satisfaction. We also believe in transparency, and by becoming a Member of Australian 24/7 Roadside Services any service we provide you or your company will be recorded against your account for you to view 24/7.

Australian owned & operated, all of our call center operators are Australian and our call centers are based in Australia, we are proud Australians.